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dismissive adj
1 showing indifference or disregard; "a dismissive shrug"
2 tending to dismiss or reject; "a dismissive gesture"

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  1. Showing disregard, indicating rejection, serving to dismiss.

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Dismissiveness is a form of denial, characterized by either passively showing indifference or disregard, or actively dismissing or rejecting ideas or evidence.

Some notable usage examples

  • Jean-Marie Guehennon of France, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, addressing allegations of sexual abuse UN missions in 2006, said "how hard it is to change a culture of dismissiveness, long developed within ourselves, in our countries and in the mission areas."
  • New York Times columnest Anthony Gottlieb in reviewing Richard Rorty's Philosophical Papers wrote, "His general attitude is an instance of what might be called the higher dismissiveness. The trick is to lock up your opponents in some social, academic or historical context and then to dismiss their views as mere rattling against the bars."


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